In the poetic words you would expect from such
a talent Milan’s Zipten explains, “Music for me is passion and feeling – it
is important listeners let themselves be transported through images, sensations
and emotions. My will is that every track can become an imaginary short film,
communicating a vision and a dreamlike journey”
. If you like the way this
guy explains his music then you are going to love the music itself.

around the world may find you cast adrift and isolated but one artist looking
to unite music fans with an experience which transports the listener way beyond
their surroundings is Milan-based electro producer, Zipten. His forthcoming
track, (You Are) Encanto, described by Zipten as “a hymn to beauty” perfectly
demonstrates his exploratory electronic soundscapes, melding together dance
beats and rhythms with a timeless combination of synth and guitar melodies.

Now I am a
big Pink Floyd fan and I really do think the Floyds would really appreciate
what Zipten is doing infact i would call upon them to get him on as tour
support his music takes me to a transcendental state that very few artists of
recent times can emulate with the exception of my rave days when I have to say
I reached a lot of transcendental states , but trust me get your headphones on
, find a dark place and promise me you are going to listen and enjoy these
links , go on tell me you will as it will make my day .






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