As one of house music’s most enduring DJ’s, re-mixers and producers, Matt Warren has released his first new music in a decade. A pioneer of house music in general and with a career spanning over 40 years, ‘Music is my Life‘ is a very fitting title for the concept. Through lead track ‘Get on Up‘, this is the defining sound of Nu-House from one of the original genre’s heroes which seems destined to become a classic of dance music.

With audiences wise to a market saturated with make-at home beats pounding the airwaves, it’s been long since noted that the contemporary sound is beginning to lack the raw intensity and heartfelt enthusiasm it once did. Drawing upon all of his experience in the field ‘Get on Up‘ epitomises a resurgence of real musicians playing over beats created in a studio help breathe a maturity and new life into the track, while also being reminiscent of classic disco. Lined up alongside vocalists Pepper Gomez and Elena Andujar; soul diva Janis McGee; jazz bassist Wes Nelson and Grammy-nominated trumpeter, Ron Haynes, it’s very refreshing to see musical veterans tearing up the formula and having fun with it.

During his time away from the front-line, Matt Warren has worked with a genre-spanning array of artists, such as remixes for Bjork and Faith Evans. This new release depicts a nurturing of his creative longing with a record that reflects his journey both as a musician and as a DJ with a return to that old-school feel that pays homage to the music he grew up with. There’s no two ways about it, without Matt’s influence, the world of dance music would look very different, and we thank him all the more for it.

When contemplating what drink goes best with house music… Enjoy a Bunga-löwenbräu..






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