There’s no doubt that lockdown has affected us all but Sydney pop star, Tia Belle is determined not to let it dampen her spirits. Hot on the heels of the unveiling of her debut single ‘Coke & Mentos’ last month, Tia Belle’s Debut five-track EP, TIA, has just hit streaming sites, with a physical CD release, distributed by MGM, also available.

Despite having to postpone her launch party due to COVID-19, during lockdown Tia has been working non stop on refining her music and in particular one single which she is looking to premiere at the launch party which she hopes can be rearranged for later this year.

If the new single is anything like the latest one ‘Do It Over’ we will be finding any way to get an invite to that launch party!

Watch the video for ‘Do It Over’ here

Recorded in collaboration with music industry veteran Steve Clisby (who has jammed with Jimi Hendrix and played alongside Kool & The Gang and Chaka Khan), who also acted as producer, Tia’s EP traverses a variety of genres, from the gentle balladry of Do It Over, to the dance floor pop of Coke & Mentos, synth and syncopated beats of Synergy, and hip-hop-flavoured Keep On Coming Back. It’s just the collection of tracks we need for lockdown and we think you do too. So, give her a listen below!







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