So if a legendary guy like Tom Odell’s producer thinks Aussie born Beau is beautiful…geddit?!!!!… then we have to agree and we can’t resist but to be bowin’ down to Mr.Bowen and rave about this glam king. Beau Bowen’s debut opus is entitled, with typically tongue-in-cheek style, The Great Anticlimax, the title track from which is the forthcoming single. Alongside other key tracks, such as the debut single, A Rock ‘n’ Roll Story, The Great Anticlimax is a REAL album, with heart-breaking tales of a failed romance with a stripper; heart-warming stories of true romance with a stripper and an invitation to be dazzled by the mysteries of his glitter volcano of a brain. Recorded using vintage synths, it was produced as we mentioned in our rather witty intro by Miles James (Tom Odell); was mixed by 5-times Grammy Award-winner Jimmy Douglass (Led Zeppelin; Roxy Music; Timbaland) and mastered by Grammy-winner Mike Bozzi (Kendrick Lamar; Tupac; Childish Gambino). So does that wet your appetite , yes it does , so do you want to listen to the Beaumeister…yes you do , so here goes , fill your boots.





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