Originally finding his knack for music through trombone playing, Reuben George mixes this with his passion for a variety of music genres such as ska, reggae and pop to produce new single Let’s Run Away (To Mexico).
The title of the song which indicates a nonconformist and spontaneous approach to life is reflective of Reuben himself, who leads a rather unconventional life.

Reuben didn’t follow the conventional path of going to university like the majority of his follow grammar school friends. Now he lives in a converted van with solar panels on the roof and every conceivable mod-con, allowing him to travel around the UK at a moment’s notice.

You can listen to Let’s Run Away (To Mexico) on Spotify now!

Correlating with his atypical lifestyle, Reuben does not have a set way in which he writes his songs and the process can vary completely for each song that he writes. With there being times that he completes a song in a matter of hours, to having just an idea of the title or the main riff and not letting time constrain the rest the follow-up. The easy-listening that Reuben’s music provides is a reflection of the unforced and genuine nature of his writing style.

With inspiration from a mixture of all sorts of genres and music styles, from pop to ska and reggae to folk – Reuben George appeals to a wide audience, especially for fans of upbeat summer anthem artists such as Jack Johnson, George Ezra and Paolo Nutini.

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