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Britain’s beleaguered arts and heritage sectors have been promised £1.57bn of help in a long-awaited rescue package described by the government as the biggest one-off investment in UK culture.

After weeks of desperate warnings that the UK was facing an irreversible cultural catastrophe without targeted support, ministers announced a package that it said would protect the future of the country’s museums, galleries, theatres and music venues.

We'd like to say thank you to all of the thousands of you that have been supporting us and your local grassroots music venue for the last 121 days. There is still a great deal to be done, but pretty soon we hope to post a tweet and it will say one thing:
Saved Our Venues

— Music Venue Trust (@musicvenuetrust) July 5, 2020

Boris Johnson said arts and culture were the soul of the nation. “They make our country great and are the linchpin of our world-beating and fast-growing creative industries,” the prime minister said.

“I understand the grave challenges the arts face and we must protect and preserve all we can for future generations, ensuring arts groups and venues across the UK can stay afloat and support their staff whilst their doors remain closed and curtains remain down.”

The package includes:

A £1.15bn support pot for cultural organisations in England, consisting of £270m in loans and £880m in grants.
£100m of targeted support for England’s national cultural institutions and English Heritage.
£120m of capital investment to restart construction on cultural infrastructure and for heritage construction projects in England paused because of the pandemic.
Extra money for devolved administrations, with £97m for Scotland, £59m for Wales and £33m for Northern Ireland.

It’s fantastic to see the arts industry receiving the help it so desperately needs as well as recognition for its importance to the people of the UK.

Reported by: Jessica Rowe

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