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Another UK music gender pay gap report has been published, and it isn’t looking good.

Since 2017, companies in the UK with more than 250 employees have been legally required to publish their gender pay gap stats by April 4 each year.

Last year, MBW revealed that the average gender pay gap (as of April 5, 2018) across all three major record companies in the UK was 29.6% – with 29.1% at Universal Music, 20.9% at Sony Music and 38.7% at Warner Music.

This year, due to the disruption caused by COVID-19, enforcement of gender pay gap reporting deadlines did not apply to UK-based companies for the latest reporting year.

However, at the height of the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown in April, two out of three of the major music companies, Sony and Warner, did file their UK gender pay gap reports, as did a run of other top music companies, including Spotify and Live Nation.

The main headline: the average gender pay gap as of April 5, 2019 at Sony Music UK was 26.0%, while at Warner Music UK, it was 31.5%.

At Spotify UK, it was 9.9%, and at Live Nation UK it was 44.5%.

This unfortunate pattern was seen across major labels, tech giants and live industry’s major players. Particularly alarming numbers came from Apple UK, whose top-earning quartile of employees are 87% male and just 13% female.

We hope this transparency will lead to some accountability, and help the industry strive towards a more level playing field.

Reported By: Jessica Rowe

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