Despite their profound influence of the 1960s & 70s, The Purple Shoes are very much artists of 2020. Their timeless mix of deftly-crafted melodies, jaw-dropping harmonies and story-telling lyrics combining into the heady swirl of Small Town Fairy Tales, their brand-new album to be released on 18th June. The band, consisting of singer Marie Dance; singer and guitarist, Michael Bickers, double-bassist Richard Dadson and Theseus Gerard on drums and household percussion, is shortly to let loose on a world which is sure to embrace their widely relatable modern folk-rock dreamworld.

Their latest album, “Small Town Fairytales” is a collection of 12 songs that takes listeners on a traverse journey with each song telling the next chapter of a story that dares you to listen on through to the end. “Small Town Fairytales” is an invitation to have fun, unwind and remember why you fell in love with music in the first place.

Small Town Fairy Tales

  1. Strange
  2. Good Morning (Is It Over?)
  3. Heartbreaker
  4. Small Town Fairy Tale
  5. Rain Has Gone
  6. Angel Shoes
  7. Melody’s Eyes
  8. I See You
  9. He Holds On
  10. Santa Cruz
  11. Born to Play
  12. Ophelia

This release comes with the perfect opening track, “Strange” with a gradual build up to the blissful harmonies, catchy melody and inspired crunch from the lead guitar which you will become familiar with throughout the rest of the album. This then transposes into the feel-good “Good Morning (Is It Over?)” which could easily fit into a number of Hollywood’s finest movies and is bound to get your feet moving. This track is perfect for your road-trip playlist!

“Heartbreaker” introduces a mellow pause on the more up-beat tracks prior, with a deep exploration that shows raw emotion and vulnerability that runs throughout, followed by the subtle title track “Small Town Fairytale” – which hints towards First Aid Kit and The Mountain Goats.

“The Rain Has Gone” suitably shines the light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel and lifts the mood to one full of hope and optimism. This is succeeded by “Angel Shoes” which stresses the importance and need for exploration and ‘finding yourself’ to become a more well-rounded person as a whole – which could perhaps stem from Marie’s Thailand travels.

Trust and friendship is the message of track seven, “Melody’s Eyes”, which effortlessly glides into the humbling “I See You”. The message of trust continues in “He Holds On” – another indie-folk earworm that tells a story of feeling lost and confused, but highlights the necessity to ‘hold on’ to the people closest to you.

“Santa Cruz” seems to be the beginning of the end for this winding story created by The Purple Shoes, which sets a refreshing tone of a clean, melodic acoustic guitar alongside dreamy vocals. This sets the scene for “Born To Play” which is all about self-discovery and finding your true self and purpose.

Finally, “Ophelia”. This warm, comforting track really rounds off this wonderful album perfectly. The mellow tone from the acoustic guitar with rich vocal harmonies and a lead electric guitar which latches on to each of your emotions creates an overwhelming sense of euphoria and accomplishment to bring the album to a resounding close.

All in all, “Small Town Fairytales” tells a memorable, relatable story of ups and downs – perhaps with lessons not to dissimilar to our own lives. This mastery of an album will simply leave you begging for more.

As mentioned, you’ll have to wait until Thursday 18th June to hear the full album, but if your eyes and ears have (rightfully) perked you can listen to the title track of ‘Small Town Fairy Tale’ HERE:

Be sure to look around The Purple Shoes’ social media below to be the first to hear their astounding collection:






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