With Music Week and a plethora of other media championing
the rather delightful Vina Rose the least we can do is tell you all about her,
so here is some background info for starters , put this information in your
diary , Filofax…remember them …..on you iphone notification, just anything
really as you are going to download her music –

At the Crossroads – Vina Rose Trades in Italian Fame to
Build her Name in London

Artist: Vina Rose

Title: Heart of Gold

Release: Crossroads EP out 24th of April

Lead Track: Heart of Gold; Crossroads

F.F.O: Emeli Sandé; Sia; Adele

Now what else is there you need to know well as far as we
are concerned we cannot disagree with Stereo Stickman who we respect a
great deal when he says “Breathe Again is an honest, deeply human, yet
energising release, likely to make waves throughout 2019…the song makes for a
bold and beautiful introduction to an artist with a clear love for and
dedication to her craft” equally we are probably not setting off any fireworks
when we say she is going to be huge as the rather efficient Quite Great PR
guys, who are raving about her tell us , as one of Italy’s most recognisable
stars on Italian television, singer; actress and performer, Vina Rose made the
difficult decision to make the UK her new home but that decision looks to have
given her the platform to wow new audiences with her brand-new EP. The
aptly-titled, Crossroads, looks to build on the critical acclaim of her 2019
single, Breathe Again, and sees her vocal prowess given tracks that really
allow her to shine, from the anthemic Heart of Gold to the dark and brooding
dance-inflected title track which sees her reflecting on the momentous decision
she made to relocate at the height of her career.

So now here it is what you have been waiting for the stuff
of magic then things you desire , the music links yes –

Listen to an exclusive track from Vina’s EP here: https://soundcloud.com/vina-rose/heart-of-gold

Listen to Crossroads the single here: https://soundcloud.com/vina-rose/crossroads-1/s-zEgly

Watch the Lyric Video for Heart of Gold here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXim1H9-mb4&feature=youtu.be

You like, yes we knew you would , so go and tell the world
that we told you first.

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