Conquering the UK, US and global charts in the 80s, Wang Chung have released their orchestral version of hit ‘Dance Hall Days’ – a track that undoubtedly contributed to the shaping of a decade.

Having become a staple of movie, TV, game soundtracks and commercials over the years, their name has almost uniquely passed into popular culture. The line “Everybody Wang Chung Tonight” from their mega-hit Everybody Have Fun Tonight has developed a life of its own, prompting the band to appeal to their fans around the world to have it officially recognised in dictionaries as a verb.

Returning in the form of their key protagonists Jack Hues and Nick Feldman, the band have taken ‘Dance Hall Days – Orchestral Version’ from their forthcoming album Orchesography – an orchestra-boosted version of their best-known tracks, including both ‘Everybody Have Fun Tonight’ and ‘Let’s Go’.

Welcoming their return will not only be their legion of fans but also a new audience that would have heard their songs on popular cultures such as The Breakfast Club, Sex and The City, Breaking Bad, Grand Theft Auto: Theft City, Walking Dead and the soundtrack to legendary William Friedkin’s ‘To Live & Die in LA’.

Following their reform in 2010, their latest release has set an exciting precedent for the new versions of nostalgic tracks we all know and love.





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