The music world is suffering terribly at the hands of COVID-19, there are no gigs, no tours for anyone to play at current and no-one is worse hit than those who play in orchestras. By their very nature see large groups of people playing instruments all in close proximity, something which obviously can’t happen during COVID-19.
Classical Composer, Mustafa Khetty has now offered a solution to classical musicians who are out of work, appealing especially to musicians in those areas most affected, including Italy and Iran. With many people now owning recording software at home, Mustafa is creating his classical works whilst avoiding the need for direct human contact and allowing musicians to record their individual pieces in the comfort of their own home.
An innovative idea which has already captured the attention of Classic FM, Mustafa is looking to help all classic musicians who have found themselves out of work at this time.

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Listen to Solace performed Using Synthesised Instruments Below

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