Christmas has come early with the release of Berklee College’s very own musical savant Adrian Cohen, and his latest single ‘Here He Comes’, a tale of one man’s mission to persuade Santa to spend the holidays at his house. After all, it can’t be kidnap if its purpose is this wholesome.

The song features Cohen on keys and the brilliant Josh Witt on lead vocals, and the song hits all the essential criteria needed to create a perfect Christmas song: catchy hooks, upbeat melodies and, of course, bells! So for us, it is a no-brainer: ‘Here He Comes’ is pure, unadulterated glitter (and festive red and green glitter at that!).

We love the fun, off-beat quality of the track, particularly the unique narrative of Santa entrapment. It is very common for Christmas tracks to draw upon tired cliché in order to generate the correct about of festive cheer, and the fact that Cohen (with a little help from his lyricist Dad) is able to avoid this is testament to his aptitude for creating quirky and left-field music.

The vocals are also superb, and we have a good hunch that we’ll be hearing more from Josh Witt. Indeed, his Instagram handle is a reference to the Beach Boys, and you can hear their influence in every note that comes from his mouth.

‘Here He Comes’ is the unconventional track that we didn’t even know that we wanted. And now we have it, we’ll no doubt play it until we’ve turned into a sprig of mistletoe!

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