Now this artist is, admittedly, a little different from the ones that we would ordinarily cover. Jay Thackery is by no means straight and uncomplicated ‘folk’ or ‘roots’ artist. His music has something of a punky/rock’n’roll feel to it; augmented by his heavily tattooed, sailor-rock aesthetic.

His music, however, still maintains a heavy folk influence, in the vein of acts like Frank Turner and, to a lesser extent, Days N Daze. Jay Thackery might have rap portions, and pop-punk vocals, but at the root (ha, get it) he’s still a guy with an acoustic guitar, a bass drum, and a whole pocketful of life-experience about which to write troubadour-esque songs.

So now we’ve justified his very inclusion on these hallowed webpages, let’s talk about his music. Jay’s debut EP is called ‘The Rehab Diaries’, and fittingly so, given that it was recorded during his second cycle of rehab for substance abuse. As one might expect, given the intimacy suggested by the use of the word diary, the songs are all deeply personal and refer to his thoughts, feelings and emotions at that difficult period in his life. ‘Never Going Home’, for example, discusses his desire to break through the ‘prison’ that he had created for himself in his room, whereas ‘Don’t Cry’ sees him reflect on the suicide of a close friend.

What is particularly unique about Thackery’s sound is his ability to keep his lyrics (and by extension, his sound) upbeat and positive, despite the heavy subject matter. The EP’s story is one of substance abuse, mental illness, suicide but it is also one of redemption and overcoming barriers. This makes for uplifting listening and is something that folk fans and beyond will no doubt find inspirational.


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