As Corona Virus sweeps across the globe, devastating all areas of the arts from venue owners to musicians to stage managers to actors, it is easy to see little but despair on the horizon. However, as often happens, from the jaws of defeat comes victory – The Auction Collective have both recognised the need to put the health and well-being of the general public first, whilst also ensuring that artists whose very existence relies on being able to share their creations are given every opportunity to continue work as usual.

Among these to benefit from the collective spirit is Brian Parker, the Blackburn-born artist who has made a name for himself through his combination of architectural design and bold use of colour. Initially training as a scientist as an engineer, it is his keen eye for the linear along with his powerful sense of impactful colour which have caught the attention of art collectors worldwide. It is with no small amount of irony that science and technology once again cross paths with Brian, as The Auction Collective have swiftly adapted plans for their forthcoming auction so that art lovers can bid for a wide range of art without needing to leave the comfort of their favourite armchair!

Brian is proudly offering one of his 2017 watercolours, “The Clore Gallery – Tate Britain 3” to the auction, a painting which was a finalist for the Sunday Times Watercolour Exhibition in 2018. Pre-sales estimate for the piece is £1800-£2500 and offers one lucky bidder the chance to own a modern classic at an affordable price.

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