Derayernah is not just a band name: it’s a feeling; a spirit animal; a footnote at the bottom of a religious text; a foghorn in the night directing you to another realm. Meet Derayernah the Scottish duo made-up of Drue Marsland and Jhau Watema. The duo met when Drue walked into the wrong rehearsal room and opted to stay with Jhau rather rejoin his actual bandmates, the band never doubted the cosmos’ choice in uniting them and succumbed to their destiny.

Last March the released a seven-track album titled ‘In Joys’ that they chose not to promote. The band shared “We didn’t promote our debut album because we wanted to wait for the Consummation of All Things to draw nearer, the end of the world. That time is now”

Though time is running out for music lovers to experience the unruly whirling dervish daymare of 1920s Dadaism, lyrical surrealism. Derayernah is proud to present, though bullishly indifferent to judgement, a glimpse of what would happen if Gregorian monks met prog yetis in a boxing ring in the Middle East via a scenic route taking in Turkey.

The duo recently released a new single ‘Siberian Scopes’ check it out.

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