Estelle California‘s inspiration for her music , is her own and other’s triumphs against adversity. Always aiming to transcend cultural barriers, and spread positivity and hope to all who listen, helping them when they may need it most.

After her visit to South Africa, Estelle was particularly inspired by the communities she came across, communities around the world who have constantly battled against division and hatred. It made the singer realise her true calling in life, to give back to black communities and those who have been oppressed around the world, aiming to inspire with messages of empowerment after suffering.

Black is the True Light‘ is a song which truly encompasses the singer’s beliefs, resonating with those who have constantly battled against division and hatred.

When I was working on my song ‘Black Is The True Light’ at home, my daughter who was 4 and her friends would pick up on the words.”

I’m hoping it will wash away layers of subconscious racism.”

Estelle California

A fierce humanitarian, Estelle California has found music to be the perfect vehicle to express herself, looking to build bridges and promote positivity ahead of fueling hate. She understands the power she holds within her songs, and by standing up for the ones who have suffered throughout history, she hopes valuable lessons can be learned.

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