It’s been a whirlwind few years for singer Yajna, and arguably some of the hardest times she will ever have to experience. Her trilogy of songs, ‘The Rising Phoenix’, representing her journey from the ashes of her lowest points, which included electro-shock treatment as the result of a mentally abusive relationship and subsequent divorce, to her triumphant emergence from the fire, stronger than ever and with a message of hope, love and power.

Her second release from the trilogy, Femenomenal, is about female empowerment and unity.

“This song is about how we are stronger together and that we are amazing humans, phenomenal and femenomenal – that’s my own word.”

“This is a power anthem for a united world”


From her music career, to her charity work and entrepreneurial ventures, Yajna is a woman of many talents. So interesting in fact, that a documentary has been made, following her as she recounts events from her childhood to today. Yajna uses her various outlets and music to send a message of hope, love and power, and help others into a healthy, strong and independent lifestyle.

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