It’s not every day you come across a guy , especially from Yeovil – not exactly the centre of anyone’s Universe I would suggest – who takes the general basics of dance music , adds a pretty decent vocal and then goes of on one and heads round his house and into his car to find a seat belt……yes a seat belt, to see what it might sound like if he decided to just sample it and place it within the fabric of one of his tracks, now I don’t know about you but I like a guy like that!








So how do we know he passes the quality control we adhere to on our blogs, well this little nugget was created in his self-built studio, Jack has utilised only the skills of Grammy-nominated mixer, Mike Marsh (famed for his work with Chemical Brothers; Depeche Mode and Calvin Harris, among many others), as an external force. The first of a series of planned releases from Jack over the coming months, Running Round My Head is the first glimpse at an artist dedicated to creating music as art accessible for everyone. So does that help you, we would not tell you about a new talent unless we felt he had what it takes, so hunt him donw and check him out we think he is a real force on the scene.

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