Born in the tightly packed, suburban Favelas in Brazil, where the poorest members live in slum-like conditions, Jailson N. Rodrigues (aka. Kaos MC) is bringing Brazilian rhythms and stark realness from street life to rap with a star studded collaboration.

Teaming up with the legendary Tito Jackson, Youtube sensation Alex Boyé and Brazilian rapper Bull Dogg, Kaos MC is set to bring the hottest sounds of his country to the wider world with his forthcoming single ‘What’s Wrong’ due to release on the 8th of April – a grinding RnB track with rap and soul elements.

Following the release of his debut album ‘O Final Conheco Bem’ last year, where Kaos MC elicited the features of various artists and the international producer Peter Doc B from Doc B Productions. The album presents tracks that relish in the music and cultural diversities of Brazil, using percussion elements as well as mixing up different rhythms and styles, shown in tracks like ‘Isso e rap’ and the title-track ‘O Final Coheco Bem’.

Having started a revolutionary rap movement in Brazil, Kaos MC’s ambition to help his community to be stronger and safer and to show the world the richness of Brazil’s culture radiates in his music and his forthcoming single is no exception to this.



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