So, let me tell you a story about a man with a trumpet scholarship who writes dance music on an acoustic guitar..

In a release accompanied by artwork picturing a person leaping in the air, arms free, over the setting sun, you get a pretty clear assertion of the message on a track entitled ‘Born 2 Be Free‘ is being implied here. Toby Tomtom is clearly an artist who exists purely to help others to reach their potential in life.

His own potential was spotted early on as he picked up an ASCAP Abe Olman award for his songwriting prowess (an accolade shared by John Legend), and spent years in partnership with his brother writing and producing music for R&B and Hip-hop artists. Even a young, unsigned Alicia Keys was handed a degree of Toby’s expertise as he taught her how to sing in a studio, and wrote/produced her first demo played on radio.

With a longstanding love of all things music, taking as much inspiration from musical artists as diverse as Tower of Power, Tupac and John Denver as the words and deeds of Muhammed Ali and Bruce Lee, this track is dedicated to his other love – his youngest son, and for a world to realise it’s own aspirations:

“It’s my hope for every child in the world. Dance if you want, pray if you want, love who you want! No shackles… Gotta fight to be free!”

The track begins from the outset with a smile on it’s face, free as the wind, floating through blue skies. As an aspiration, it’s infectious, and one that comes from a warm soul. Having now re-emerged from raising a family to return to realise his own musical aspirations, the statement of intent on display here shows a man who is ready for his songs to touch the world. Its’s a sound that soaks up and delineates an ambience of limitless potential, like that of catching the calm edge of a wave on the tips of your toes as you stride across an empty beach.

..Something’s missing from this stream of consciousness I’ve been lured in to.. Can’t think.. Oh yes here it is..!

‘Setting Sun-ception’

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