VCage is a name during these troubling times
that you should really get to grips with and check out, as ‘Listen to Slam’ is
truly meaningful as it tackles the thorny subject of abuse within the home but
not in the way you would imagine. Delve deep into the soundcloud link
below then let me explain.

With so many of us now ‘entombed’ some might say during the #covid-19 epidemic many of us will be building relationships with loved ones, but again as reported constantly in the news media, others will be locked in with abusers , which is the subject close to VCage’s heart but some may say, controversially, he sees it from the man’s point of view being abused by a woman. In many ways that is what makes the track so important with its moody , brooding Sam Smith style vocal filling your ears and imagination , drawing you into VCage’s world . Like all the best tracks it works on so many levels and on another day I could hear this as a James Bond #007 theme. Anyway let me not digress, just jump into his world and support him, here are other links so you can experience this rising star.







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