Feeling those lockdown blues and looking for some new tracks to keep you going? No fear, Future Fires have got your back with their brand new single ‘Halfway Down’.

The four piece group consisting of Adam (vocals), Matt (bass), Jak (second guitar) and Alex (Drums) are based in Birmingham and have been honing their craft for a decade. This is evident in their furious riffs and driving vocals, combining the best elements of major indie favourites such as Joy Division, Editors and Artic Monkeys to create a fresh take on indie-rock.

“Guitars, bags of attitude and dancey undercurrents galore” – Medium

The lad’s collective love for loud and lively Rock and Roll music and big nights out brought them together and now they want to share this with their fans. Their new single ‘Halfway Down’ brings a refreshing twist to classic rock and roll while incorporating the modern indie rock style we all know and love. We can’t get enough of the addictive riffs and enticing broody undertones, it’s one of those songs that you just want to keep on turning up louder, making it the perfect fix for your lockdown cravings and bringing a little much needed Rock and Roll to those boring nights in. It will definitely be a track you won’t want to miss at a live show and we can see it becoming a much loved indie club-night staple.

“Anthemic. The kind of band you’d really enjoy live” – BBC Introducing

Their new single release follows the success of their previous track ‘Infinate Life’ which is about the intoxication of a new love affair and the stages of an addictive relationship. With honest, thought out lyrics and a baseline that demands your attention, Future Fires are clearly here to make a statement.

This definitely isn’t the last you’ll hear of Future Fires as they have now teamed up with producer Gavin Monaghan from Magic Garden Studios who is known for working with Twang and Gold Blade, giving them the platform to reinforce their gritty indie sound and project their lyrical life lessons even further.

“Bound to cause scenes at a summer festival” – Counteract

And if those tracks have left you wanting more, Future Fires have even more for you to get stuck into over on their Spotify and with each track topping the next, they’re destined to become a playlist staple. You can stay updated on future releases and enjoy all of their tracks, including their new single ‘Halfway Down’, here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/futurefiresband/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/futurefiresband/?hl=en

Website: http://futurefiresband.com

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